Kids Dreamin’ the Life


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It’s always a hoot when one of the guys has their family stop by for a howdy and the obligatory wearin’ o’ the gear. We hand out loads of those red kiddie helmets at fairs, station tours, and when we are out on inspections. I can’t help but wonder sometimes, how many of those kids will someday experience the real world of firefighting.

OPEN EDITION GICLEE: Giclee is an high-resolution digital printing method for reproducing fine art. A digital file of an original painting is printed by a special printer that sprays millions of micro-droplets of water-based inks onto a variety of materials. This printing process yields a lustrous, continuous-tone print that matches or exceeds the quality of traditional lithography and screen-printing. Open editions are signed by the artist.

8.5″ x 11″ frameable artist’s statement included

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Signed Open Edition Giclee – 11×14, Signed Open Edition Giclee – 16×20