Millennium Challenge


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The year is 2025. Elijah Team of the Orbit Fire Containment Group – US Fire/Rescue is called is called to combat on-deck explosions, caused by meteor strikes on the orbiting complex New Chicago. Millennium Challenge was a special commission for the special fold-out cover of Firehouse Magazine’s Millennium Issue.

SIGNED AND NUMBERED: A set of plates are created to transfer individual inks onto paper one color at a time using a offset printing press in a process known as lithography. The resulting prints are known as an edition. The limited number of prints are numbered and signed by the artist using a pencil, as graphite is impossible to reprint. The plates are typically destroyed to preserve the integrity of the edition.

ARTIST AND PUBLISHER PROOFS: A limited number of prints are made by the pressman for the purpose of registering the plate in proper alignment and perfecting color accuracy. Once accurate, a limited number of prints are made for the artist to approve prior to the running the intended edition of prints. These printed are reserved as smaller editions. They are signed and numbered by the artist like the traditional signed and numbered editions, however the lower number of artist and publisher proofs are command a higher value.

8.5″ x 11″ frameable artist’s statement included

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Signed & Numbered Lithograph – 26×19, Signed Artist Proof Lithograph – 26×19