Smokey Joe’s Bar & Grill


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The artist’s statements that I provide with each of my works usually offer bits of explanation and insight. In that regard, this piece stands alone. I simply started drawing one day with no direction, no plan, no motive… No kidding. At first, it was just the fireman and the fire. Basic. When I added the door, a building came into being, and before long, it morphed into a bar. There is no story behind it. I don’t know a Smokey Joe. The only remotely connected particle is the “est. 1923″ on the lower part of the sagging sign. My father was born on July 23rd of that year. And that’s about all there is to say about that.

OPEN EDITION GICLEE: Giclee is an high-resolution digital printing method for reproducing fine art. A digital file of an original painting is printed by a special printer that sprays millions of micro-droplets of water-based inks onto a variety of materials. This printing process yields a lustrous, continuous-tone print that matches or exceeds the quality of traditional lithography and screen-printing. Open editions are signed by the artist.

8.5″ x 11” frameable artist’s statement included

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Signed Open Edition Giclee – 11×14, Signed Open Edition Giclee – 16×20