True Stories

Front Page News – Thunderball

June 11, 2018

The bay doors at Las Vegas’ Central Fire Station rolled up like hanger doors. Although we didn’t know it, the doors on that day were nearly those to eternity. It looked like a Hollywood fire stunt. A cloud of fire laden smoke nearly blacked out the sun and darkened the several blocks from Station One to Haycock Distributing, a major distribution point for area filling stations. Not a place you want to see on fire. Bad juju. Only twice in my fire/rescue career have I actually experienced an overwhelming sense of foreboding. The other was the MGM Grand fire in... View Article

A Dream Evolves

June 8, 2018

It’s been a long and winding road from my first idea to create firefighter artwork over a decade ago, to now. However, my personal hard work is only a part of what it has taken to launch FireArt. In 1994 I created the first FireArt piece, Pullbox (very soon to be made available again.) Actually, it was my final exam for an illustration class I was taking at the behest of Fire Engineer, Randy Marsh – also a climbing guide and excellent photog. In November of that year, I was asked if I had a piece that I could donate... View Article